Best & Most Buy Crucial BX500 SSD for Laptop & Desktop Review | 2020

Crucial BX500 SSD for Laptop & Desktop

Every time you wonder why your phone responds faster than your computer? It’s because your phone runs on flash memory. This is the Best Crucial SSD for Laptop and Desktop.

Add flash to your laptop or desktop computer with the Best Crucial BX500 SSD, the easiest way to get all the speed of a new computer without the price & Accelerate everything.

Highlight Points

  • 120GB, 240GB, 480GB, 1TB, 2TB SSD write cache is enabled,Low power consumption, Laptop and Desktop
  • 2.5Inch,/SATA 6 Gb/s interface, ATA modes supported
  • Read and Write speeds up to 540MB/s and 500MB/s respectively
  • Operating temperature – Commercial (0°C to 70°C)5, Voltage input-Minimum: 4.5V, Maximum: 5.0V
  • Boot up faster. Load files quicker. Improve overall system responsiveness
  • 300% faster than a typical hard drive
  • Improves battery life because it’s 45x more energy efficient than a typical hard drive
  • Crucial 3-year limited warranty

Short Review

It Boots up faster, improves overall performance & heavy loads files quicker. Crucial BX500 SSD provides your system responsiveness for computing all your needs as per requirements.

Crucial SSD is easy to install they provide us simple instructions, cloning software, and how-to videos make installation straightforward! Millions of people have upgraded with this Crucial SSD & You can also.

If you get any questions related to the Crucial SSD whatever is it, you will get a quick answer from their expert support team.

Read SSD articles that will give you to with Crucial BX500 SSD inside the box, connect with other users on their forum, or chat live with one of our specialists.

Crucial is backed up with new Micron’s expert quality and designed innovation. Micron has produced most of the world’s advanced memory and storage devices for 40 years.

If you want a better performance in your laptop or desktop you should go ahead with an SSD, its time response is quick that prevents lagging issues.


  • Crucial  BX500 SSD has one of the best pros that is built by the Micron.
  • Read & write speed as they assured.
  • Most Buy & Most Rated SSD in the market.


  • No one.

Well guys I tell you the truth when you will purchase any SSD it will come with less space than that you will have to give like 120GB, 240GB, 250GB, 500GB.

You will get small Approx 7% less than actual because they programmed in this 7% memory.

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