Best Corsair Power Supply Unit 550W Gold Semi-Modular Review | 2020

Corsair TX550M 550W Power Supply 

Best Corsair 550W Power Supply in market with most popularity.

Highlight Points

  • 50°c operating temperature: Can output full power even at very high ambient temperatures
  • 80 plus gold: Runs cooler and uses less power than less efficient power supplies
  • Semi-modular: Allows the user to only use the cables they need for a cleaner-looking build with better airflow
  • 7-year warranty: Backed by corsair’s legendary technical support and customer service
  • All Japanese capacitors: Unparalleled reliability, even at higher operating temperatures

Short Review

The Corsair Power Supply TX550M series power supplies give you extremely tight voltage regulation and a semi-modular cable set.

It designed With all Japanese 105-degree c capacitors, they’re a great choice for high-performance PC where reliability is essential.

It is 80 plus gold efficiency SMPS which reduces operating cost, excess heat, and together with the rifle bearing fan yields virtually silent operation.

You can Build your PC without worry because you know it came with a corsair 7-year warranty. You can trust Corsair Power Supply 550W SMPS with your closed eyes.

Always You have recommended that go with better brandable SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply) rather than cheaper Power Supply.

If it is made with bad electronics components like Capacitors & Mosfets in their circuit board. It can get dead very quickly and can also damage your motherboard.

That’s why always prefer Corsair Power Supply to better performance without any issue.

Corsair Power Supply 550W SMPS which is perfect for an average to good PC configuration. If you have 3 or more HDDs/SSDs, Graphic Card, and other peripherals connected to the motherboard.

You can connect all the peripheral without any problem. It’s an ATX SMPS that supports any ATX motherboards which need 24 pin power supply.

I must say that this power supply is quiet even under full load and not heard until you open up your cabinet and put your ears next to it.

It also is painted matte black, which is always a sign of high quality and should suit most cases’ black color scheme.


  • Best brand for Power Supply, Ram, Cabinet.
  • Support in ATX Motherboard.
  • Rating 4.4/5.


  • There is no cons with this power supply.

A perfect product for people looking for a reliable PSU. It is of high quality and fits well even in micro-ATX cases.

There are plenty of cables, including an 8-pin power connector for the CPU and two 8-pin PCIe connectors for GPUs.

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